4th of July Independence Package

4th of July marks a birth of a nation very different from anything before. A nation full of different cultures and races but united under one flag. SIGnature believes in America and what she stands for and that is anything is possible. You put the work in and you'll get the result, period. Only in America can a rose can grow from the concrete, like Tupac said. Only in America can you reach the stars and walk on the moon like Neil Armstrong did.

Introducing the Independence Package.  This new package contains our exclusive 4th of July Edition hat and jersey.  The hat has a red "America" embroidered on the front, with a subtle SIG logo in white near the back. The lightweight mesh jersey is in Navy Blue with an embroidered US Flag on the sleeve.  Full quality pieces as you can always expect from Signature. Celebrate the 4th in style!

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