Unexpected Meeting

If life is anything, it is unpredictable. Full of rampant twists and turns, it seems to be the most unexpected things that have the most impact. Back in 2012, when SIGNATURE Innovation Group was a baby brand, we would load up my Jeep (the SIGmobile) and sell the clothes at malls in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles areas. We trekked from Ontario Mills, Victoria Gardens to The Beverly Center and sometimes on occasion we would head to Hollywood and talk to the foot traffic on Hollywood Blvd. Long before the days of weekly pop-up shops and our online store, we had to always be on our hustle. Our tactics were simple - get the clothes in front of as many faces as possible, create a connection and make a sale. On good days, we sold many items followed with a, “Yo your clothes are dope bro, they should be in stores”. On bad days, no one would give us the time of day and our persistence was tested.


On one particular night on Hollywood Blvd., we met a man by the name of Jimmy King. He seemed like just a random guy that would be interested in our clothes so we perfected our pitch and sauntered up to him. At first he was skeptical as I’m sure this was not the first stranger to bombard him on the infamous boulevard. He politely lent an ear for a couple minutes to hear about SIG and took a liking to the product. We exchanged Instagrams with our new friend and went our separate ways for the time being. Later that evening we were scrolling through our feeds when we saw a picture of Jimmy playing trumpet for an expansive crowd. At first we just thought, “Damn that dude has mad skills on the trumpet.” Then through further Instagramming, there it was, the 2:2 square image of Jimmy playing with Bruno Mars and the Hooligans. Little did we know where that simple hello would lead to.


Be open minded and welcome new situations, they might just set you on the path to where you want to go.


Shout out to my good friend Jimmy for always helping with the movement.

Los Angeles


the hooligans