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Signature Innovation Group caters to the urban/classic culture. SIG is for the driven man and encapsulates fashion consciousness, opulence and the VIP lifestyle. Those with an Entrepreneurial mind such as Business Owners, Barbers, DJ’s,  artists and up to family men in their 40’s and any male that enjoys quality clothing, are your typical SIG customer. They are gentlemen who open doors and pull out chairs for women. They enjoy music festivals: Coachella, Splash house and Outside lands and are influenced by the fashion of Kanye West and Justin Beiber. They like their cars like they like their music and food, classic, fast, or foreign, and vacation for relaxation on islands with beaches and babes when they're not in the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Love and Passion is what fuels Signature Innovation Group to produce not only unique but great quality apparel. Each garment begins with collaboration and innovation. Materials are hand selected, cut and then sewn in Los Angeles, California and All Garments are 100% Made In the United States! . Using high quality fabrics and threads for a growing mature youth who desires more than just simple but timeless clothing to invest in their closet.  With a huge range of supercool hats, tops, accessories and outerwear to choose from SIG believes in American made quality goods and producing the finest crafted innovative products in today's urban market.


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american made urban wear



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