Best Gifts For Your Valentine

This time of year can be stressful- With so many new lovers and vintage lovers each year Valentines day poses a benchmark for everyone to out-do one another (or) maybe out-due yourself from previous years. Breaking news… Lets remember what valentines day is really about, LOVE. Although there are plenty of ways to express your love we thought it would be helpful to drop you a line:


  1. Hand Pick some roses (it can be from the flower district )  and create your own decorative bouquet. Besides no ones knows her like you do, right?


2.  Set Dinner Reservations at (NOT YOURS)- But her favorite restaurant. If you don't know it… you may need to ask yourself- do you really love her?


3. OK now time for the over achievers…. create a slideshow from when you first met till now, this is guaranteed to get booty material!


4. Big Spenders Listen up- Grab your chick, blindfold her and take somewhere special. Anywhere, it’s the thought that counts. ( Keep an eye out for next blog, 5 best destinations for V-Day)


5. If all else fails and you need a quick go to just buy a smelly good candle ( ) and make a damn good dinner!!!