Bridging the Intersection Between Men's Fashion and Classic Cars in America

Have you ever spent a weekend on the road enjoying the beauty found across the United States? There's nothing quite like that feeling of freedom when the wind is whipping through your hair, and the landscape around you passes by in a blur. It seems like something you can never get enough of, but there isn't always time to take off and go on a journey every time you wish.


It seems impossible that the same sensations of the iconic road trip can be associated with putting on a specific set of clothes in the morning. Still, Signature Innovation Group has made that a reality. With made in Los Angeles clothing that tells a story harkening back to America's history, customers can feel comfortable and trendy while appreciating the collaborative design hallmarks of America's history.


Men's Designer Clothing Made in America


Owned by Jarret Beaudis, the men's clothing brand focuses on a love for a classic design that has been incorporated into the Signature Clothing. Classic style and original designs intermingle to create clothing that is the epitome of American cool. Beaudis fondly recounts spending his early life growing up around classic cars from the 50s and 60s, and those experiences have played a part in crafting men's clothing that harkens back to moments like that.


Introducing the Danny Boy – Men's Clothing with a Message


Beaudis and the Danny Boy jacket were inspired by a specific car that many of us can imagine from yesteryear. This men's chore jacket is meticulously designed to include various elements found on a shiny 1962 Cadillac. It has a feel that speaks to America's industrial past with a dose of West Coast swag applied for a special touch of the newly redefined job industry.


The '62 Caddy is known for its classic body lines and the Danny Boy has those same features. It offers an oversized look and a proportional fit that will look great at the office or other places where a man wants to exude confidence while looking like a million bucks. The chore jacket's base design reflects the exterior of this sought after car that used to cruise the streets of every small town and large city in America.


The liner of the jacket is another essential component when choosing made in American men's clothing. Just like the Cadillac interior is something to behold, the liner on this jacket is comfortable and soft to the touch. It incorporates Kona cotton to create contrast while providing warmth for the wearer.

Moving to the heart of a classic car, which is undoubtedly the engine, this jacket provides exceptional stitching and functionality. The head seamstress for the brand, an expert tailor and suit maker, ensures every inch of the stitching is nothing but perfection. It provides high functionality through its moisture-wicking properties and temperature regulation.


A Jacket for Men Who Want to Stand Out for the Details


Men looking for clothing that looks great, functions far above average, and includes unique details, will appreciate the time and care spent making the Danny Boy unlike any other men's chore jacket. Every added touch will take you back to moments in your past, enjoying fast cars and a life of American freedom.



Signature Innovation Group promises something different than typical outerwear with this stylish jacket that includes arrow-cut cuffs and custom-dyed snaps. It signifies strength, heart, and care for the ingenuity of the United States. You can learn more about this exceptional piece of clothing on the brand's website and pick one up for yourself.