Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With Cheech

Cheech Marin and Signature Innovation Group


If you guys have not heard yet, Cheech Marin has teamed up with Riverside Art Museum to develop "Chicano Art." There are glass sculptures by Elinar & Jamex de la Torre brothers aka "A Dios," and great cultural paintings. 

Inland Empire, California is on the rise and this is just one of the many things to celebrate about this Friday for Cinco De Mayo in Riverside. If you want to grab a margarita after here are few spots to try out:

1. Sevillas: With a favorite dishes Valencia paella, tapas and excellent drinks.

2. Habanero:  Popular for their authenticity enchiladas, fajita platters and homemade killer salsa. 

3. El Patron: Where to start... Everything tastes great here, from specialty drinks such as spicy margarita to bloody marks and michelada to freshly grilled corn for each signature dish regardless if you order steak, fish or vegetarian platters. 


And if you want to celebrate with a little green we are certain Cheech would't mind that either. 

Enjoy Cinco De Mayo,