Coachella 101

Festival Madness has approached us, time to stock up on all your light clothing and hydrate. With Week 2 Coachella on the way it’s time to prep for the hot desert weather.

Signature Innovation Group has light weight tee’s for the chella season, but then again are you even going to be wearing a shirt??? You might want to invest in some sunscreen and a SIG HAT instead. Trust, you’ll  be thanking us later.

A few more things to check off, bring a backpack- they are great to hold you shit when you don’t want to wear them anymore. You can also stuff a small throw/ blanket- you start getting desperate after you have been standing and drinking for hours. If you bought VIP tickets, this only means you get a little more shade with smaller lines for alcohol but nice restrooms and food trucks. A matter of fact, the restrooms alone are reason enough to get VIP tickets to coachella. Some other things to remember are deoderant. PLLEEAASSEEE do us all a favor and double swipe that shit left and right like there is no tomorrow. It’s bad enough you will be in the blazing hot sun. Welp, you should pretty much be set! Oh last thing, dont take drugs from strangers :)

Good Luck New Coachella Goers!