The Death of Shirts for t-Rex & the California Shorts that Struck Gold


Signature Innovation Group 

Fontana, California

A few questions, thoughts, and answers, lending a peek into upcoming industry trends along with an inside look at Signature’s latest manifestations in the never-ending cycle of revolution to evolution.

Signature likes to develop concept clothing, and as fans of design, we look for new and new-old concepts that empower and integrate with design classics. Here is a bit of what we’ve been focused on, along with some items of interest.

What’s on the way out?

  • *  Tiny arm sleeves that are too short. Blow the whistle 

  • *  Boho sure seems to have peaked

  • *  The excessive refinement of the super clean, super sleek, super fitted craze

  • *  Pants that are too tight, rather than tapered

  • *  Clingy clothing. Looking at you, high-end athleisure


What shifts are we excited about

  • *  Oversized shirts

  • *  Clunky white tennis shoes

  • *  An expanded denim color palette

  • *  Legs. Free them up


What is Signature’s view on the shift from fitted to oversize?
The super-clean, super-fitted feels have gone beyond their critical mass. As a response to people wearing pants that were fifteen sizes too big, it was fine, but the sleekness of it all has jumped the rails. Cleanly fitted looks became obsessive, and the mass markets’ frenzy with it all created an arms race of reductiveness that got it wrong. 

Glad that’s over, and bossness is back. We’re looking forward to a shift away from the safe zone of athleisure, away from tech knit stuff, away from crossover clothing that promises to help you transition seamlessly through the day. We expect to see a corrective shift in footwear trends that help to reduce the over-reliance on slip-on and boat-style shoes. That’s where we’re headed.


Jarret and his mother, Sue Beaudis. Mother’s Day, 2021. Testing out the Signature Safari cut. Coming this summer


How does some of this manifest through Signature?
Glad you asked. There are great fits you can unlock by looking for clothes that give your look a different balance. Our marketing department (Chris) complains a lot about “dino-sleeves.” Sleeves that only cover your shoulders and not your biceps. Signature is moving forward by restoring the size of arm sleeves. Conjuring up inspiration from John Singleton movies, we’re making sleeves longer, in some cases wider, and combining them with quality weighted fabrics.

The Signature Safari concept will be released early this summer and will feature an unconventional bossy four large button front and a moderately relaxed collar opening. Along with two distinct large front pockets. There will be four versions, each made from Eco-friendly hemp that has antimicrobial properties and breathes exceptionally well in the California heat.


Okay, I’ll bite. What needed to happen with shorts?

Sky’s out; thigh’s out. We really want you to try the Signature Riviera Deck short because we know you are going to fall in love with the feel and that you will spend all summer in them. Signature’s relaxed wide-leg cut is the key difference between these and other cropped, 5-inch inseam shorts. Not everyone feels comfortable in shorts that don’t extend beyond the knee. Still, this combination of the thicker elastic waistband and the wider leg cut, along with the dropped crotch, make these feel different. If you’re used to wearing more oversized shorts and are thinking of trying a 5-inch inseam short, these are for you.

The shorts are constructed from a sturdy 5-ounce canvas, brushed for exceptional softness, and sewn by expert garment sewers in the Fashion District of Los Angeles. Comfort doesn’t always have to come in the form of tight-fitting tech stretch. It is possible to be comfortable, feel like yourself, and look good, all at the same time. 

The Riviera Deck Short by Signature Innovation Group. Relaxed wide-leg, cropped inseam, elastic waistband, 5oz brushed canvas. Made in Los Angeles, California.


What’s a trend beyond the control of Signature that pairs well with the newest Signature concepts?

We will see people departing from all the variations of slip-on, sock-style tennis shoes and designer casual dress shoe blends and opting instead for shoes that aren’t as low profile or sleek. Wardrobes will brighten up, and white will be the color for tennis shoes this year. Sneaker culture classics have this shift covered.

Reebok Classic Leather $75 REEBOK.COM         Nike Air Force 1 $90 NIKE.COM
Photo above by         Photo above by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash 
Here’s an excellent example of a fun shade of denim, clunky white shoes, a basic shirt, and a layer of color.
NIKE Cortez $75 NIKE.COM
Photo above by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash
NIKE Cortez $75 NIKE.COM           Puma Future Rider $80 PUMA.COM
Photo above by           Photo above by

Thanks for reading. Now go buy some shorts.