Crossing State Lines

The Only Thing Crazier Than Portland.... 2017 was a YEAR for Signature Innovation Group. Long are the days of peddling men's tshirts on Hollywood Boulevard and praying a stranger would even muster a, "hello" back. From record-breaking sales, a design collaboration with 1 Love IE, gifting at the Emmy suite, Hanging with George Lopez and designing for a runway show, it has been one for the books. It could be easy to say that's good enough for the year and just ride out the rest of 2017. But, Team SIG is hungry. To close out the year, owner Jarret had SIG's first out of state pop-up shop, accompanied by his father John and partner Stormy. The Portland trip was new for the crew and was over 1,000 miles from home. Not to mention, Christmas was just days away. Jarret and John switched off driving every 3 hours for the 16 hour trip while Stormy navigated. Through tired eyes they kept their eyes on the road and the prize (Portland,Oregon !!) only stopping when gas and food were needed. Finally, they arrived Portland at 1pm after leaving Fontana and driving since 6pm the night before. At the pop-up the trio met new people from far and wide and got SIG into the hands of all new friends and customers. After celebrating with some much needed sweet confections it was time to rush home for the holidays. Luck was on their side as they made it home just in time to beat a major snowstorm that would have had them stranded. Instead, they made it home to family in time for some rest, relaxation and reflection on what a wild, crazy year its been. And how they cannot wait to slay 2018!