Elevating Shoes

Wear them where you want!!When Mars Blackman famously said “don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk,” it was implied (trust me, it was definitely implied) this was to be additionally applied to shoes when worn in a braggadocious manner. I’m a believer in fake-it-till-you-make-it but it’s hard to take a person seriously when they’re undeservedly generating confidence from wearing shoes in a braggadocious manner when those shoes were picked from flawed principles. Like a round of golf, the winds of fashion have their benefits but often ruin the day. Fashion winds come late and are generally more inspired by advertisers stoking our inner wanting. So mostly bad. No sweat, just gotta reset said principles. Principalities in this Smokey.

Start by adhering to this: lighter shoes balance better with just about any skin tone. Black shoes seem to distract, while lighter shoes seems to illuminate our own individual skin. Black shoes don’t work well with shorts. Black shoes are tricky to navigate as it is. Their whole dynamic with shorts will accent any real or perceived sloppiness in the look of some shoes, and unbalance your silhouette. Lighter shoes look much better with shorts. It’s just the facts of life, visibly worn-in light colored shoes get viewed in sort of the same sort of lense as Sean Connery. Distinguished. Mostly-all-black shoes look like anchors, whereas lighter shoes give the silhouette a base.

Switching it up to pants now

While some attempts to posh-up sneakers are starting to get close, most aren’t understanding the balance of the upper, and the sole of the shoe. The idea that the bottom has to be a flat rectangle of white rubber composite is not doing anyone any favors. Until further notice, the recommendation is to stay away from posh-sneaks, as they’re often too flat looking, or too eccentric. I like it when there’s essentially three color layers. The sole can be white, hopefully with some texture, intricacies, or little color breakups. A white or light colored upper, maybe even grey, works well. Most of the shoes I like have a transitional color between the two. Athletic shoes work for almost every occasion. This won’t be the last time we recommend Nike Air Max. A pair of Air Max can save lives. Once I was certain I was having a brain aneurysm, so I threw on a pair of Air Max, got a haircut; and felt so good the positivity changed the circumstances.

Classics work, but some don’t look as well as people think they do. With classics, the recommendation is to navigate them through the fashion winds of change. If the current winds are provoking many to wear shells, maneuver through the trend with some Reebok Classics. That’s not to knock shells, shells are always good to go. Athletic or retro hip-hop styles are always good.

Socks will come up some other time. For now, that’s it.