Emmy Party and Gifting Suite


Award show season is a special time in Hollywood. Like festival season and pool season, Los Angeles loves a reason to celebrate. And the thing Los Angeles loves to celebrate most of all is talent. Maybe it is the glitz and the glam of the fashion, the expensive limousines the stars show up in, or the red carpet itself that gets the whole world watching. But, the reality of the matter is that these shows and awards represent the struggle and eventual success of the “Hollywood Dream.”

Last Sunday the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards took place. While everyone from Nicole Kidman to Donald Glover won for their contributions to television, what some do not realize is that there are more winners than those who accepted awards on stage. So much goes into one of these productions than what is aired on TV. There are nominees’ parties, pre-parties, after-parties and even gifting suites. As a company, the opportunity to participate in any one of these is an honor in and of itself.

To kick off Emmy weekend, Doris Bergman hosted her 8th Annual EMMY Party and Gifting Suite at the Fig & Olive in West Hollywood. In attendance were Primetime Emmy Nominees, Kevin "The Bull" - Host of Emmy Nominated Series (“American Ninja Warrior”), Kelsey Scott (“Walking Dead”), Brigette Neilson, Naomi Grossman (“American Horror Story”), Nathan Davis Jr. (“Detroit”), and Gleb Savchenko (“Dancing with the Stars”), amongst many others. Another notable presence that night was Signature Innovation Group there gifting attendees with new merchandise from the Fall collection.

When Signature Clothing first started on the market, owner Jarret Beaudis along with TeamSIG were selling clothing out of the back of their jeep everywhere from the Inland Empire to Hollywood Boulevard. The hustle has been long and tireless, but that’s what you do when you have a dream. So that night was evidence of just how far they had come. Instead of a jeep, Signature was hanging with the stars, being interviewed and even was featured in the Huffington Post, a publication that has 257 million monthly unique visitors.

In the end, Los Angeles is a city of hustlers and dreamers and there is no more evidence of that than at times like these. For some success is in the form of a small silver statue and for some it’s the opportunity to get your shirts on some of the most famous backs in Hollywood. The common denominator is that everyone has a vision and the drive to make it happen. Jarret’s advice to everyone trying to "make it" is having persistence. It's a game changer. Anyone can come to this city, but it’s up to you to “make it.”


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