Fontana City Windbreaker

Santa Ana Winds occur when air from a high-pressure region over the dry, desert region of the southwestern U.S. flows westward towards low pressure located off the California coast. These circumstances create dry winds that flow east to west through the mountain passages in Southern California. The air gets divided by the Mountain Baldy region; one route goes north, the other goes around the south. The northern air flow whips through the winding canyon known as the Cajon Pass, which sits atop San Bernardino County (elevation wise) which is 3,776ft above sea level.

At the bottom of the Cajon Pass sits the city of Fontana. 

You all remember the scene in ‘My Cousin Vinny,” where the man outside the barbershop tells Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei that Alabama is “famous for its mud?” Fontana is famous for a few things, but one of them is its wind. Children in town name their little league and soccer teams after the wind. 

So it was a no-brainer to develop a serious-looking windbreaker. City, plains, ocean breeze, preparing for Armageddon, it’s all good, we’ve got you. The first thing we looked for in the chosen satin is thickness and quality. We’ve chosen a heavyweight satin that’s not only thick but has a beefy texture.

Next was to pin down the colors. They had to be rich, with just the right sheen. We came up with a chocolate brown and steel blue. 

Let’s talk liner. This windbreaker is warm and cozy, not just wind repellant. Inside is lined with classic cotton flannel. The flannel patterns and colors are matched up perfectly with the exterior colors and feel like home.

Setting the Fontana City Windbreaker apart, in addition to the subtle details, is the construction. Once again, we’re going to brag about having the best pattern maker in the world. If you think this isn’t true, you can fight me over it! You won’t find a windbreaker with better-looking sleeves. We elevated this windbreaker by adding extra seems, similar to that of a bomber jacket. When you look at how beefy the FCW is, it’s almost a bomber jacket and windbreaker hybrid.

Our final two favorite aspects of the Signature windbreaker are the textured drawstrings and the beef cuffs. The stitching on the cuffs is second to none, and its thickness is the sort of stuff that makes one excited to have something new to slip on. 

If you have a heavier Signature jacket, the Fontana City Windbreaker is an excellent lightweight jacket to keep nearby.