Independence Day

The Independent Freedom to Come Together

Depending on the field of relevancy, the word independence can carry different meanings. As it relates to human psychology, independence seemingly refers to the autonomy of thoughts and actions. If an individual sets forth upon a set of principles, this person may choose to sacrifice personal independence in order to help a collective group rise up. Choose being the operative word. When the 2nd Continental Congress chose to pass the Resolution for Independence, the assertation of independence simultaneously brought a new nation together.

While on occasion it may seem an environment forces people to come together, the act of uniting is always a choice. Despite the unpleasantries of many obstacles, the effects of a collective group remind us of the beauty in self-sacrifice. The assertion of America’s independence from the Kingdom of Great Brittain came on July 2, 1776, and was passed two days later. Hence, why Americans celebrate the nation’s independence on the 4th day of each July. 

Let’s assume when you tell King George III he can take his taxes and shove’em, you know you’re going to end up with a few haters. In a winner-take-all fashion, declaring independence came with the looming prospect of death at the hand of the British Regulars. While it may very well be impossible to thank the American Revolutionaries for their sacrifices, the spirit of self-sacrifice remains today in America. As mentioned, acts of self-sacrifice are often tied to values, and often times tied to love. 

In the brave and loving spirit of Independence Day, and to get to know more about our readers; comment below in as much detail as you like, with some of the sacrifices you have made. Let us know about the community or people you made them for. Feel free to interact with us as much as you please.

Albeit nothing like the colonist during the American Revolution, to make Signature Innovation Group happen, we have also made sacrifices. Here are some of the values these decisions are tied to:

  • American manufacturing
  • Ethically sourced materials 
  • Quality materials
  • Quality products
  • Enjoyment and added confidence for our clients