Leveraging Hardware Subtleties into Stimulating Experiences

Hardware is a creative working space for brands like Signature to leverage into stimulating experiences. Putting steady concentration into how a garment closes offers opportunities that are too good to pass up. Often it’s the small details interacting at high frequency with the wearer that make intimate connections. Enhancing small details is an excellent way to draw attention without being loud.

Focusing on this concept protects against complacency. Signature clothing often uses snaps, but a double zipper enhanced the product in the Henry J shirt jacket. It could be a single zipper, but it’s not; it’s a double zipper. Focusing on these dynamics also keeps designers from pandering to the audience. The Signature audience typically responds well to custom snaps (poppers), and the shirt jacket could have had colorful matte finish snaps like the Signature corduroy jacket. But the audience doesn’t always know what it wants. So designers make these tough calls. So instead, the Henry J shirt jacket has a double zipper that offers versatile styling usages.

Hardware should fit in with the overall look and shouldn’t exist because it has the ability to pull cheap applause. It’s about servicing the face of the overall garment. Signature jackets often shape sleeve cuffs into arrow cuts. Not every time, but sometimes. Slightly oversized custom-dyed snaps make the perfect overlay for the arrow cut. It’s a well-bonded pair. The texture of custom-dyed poppers offers variety, a change of pace, and is visually appealing against a suitable backdrop.

For some, the idea of snaps on a shirt conjures up thoughts of cowboy snaps and what Signature works hard to avoid. It’s an entirely different feel in a particular niche that’s limiting and louder than what Signature does. So it has to be the right snap, in the right place.

More rustic snaps help make the hardware blend in with a delicate touch of toughness. To avoid being too flashy, a gunmetal black, or blue mirror finish, are an excellent substitute where others might have used a shiny black button. Brass goes well with browns without being loud against the backdrop like copper—brass pairs well in the Earth flannel

Avoiding the hyperbole of telling you how the functionality of snaps on button-up style shirts will change your life, it does need to be said that snaps open and close in a more convenient fashion than slip buttons. Additionally, there is a satisfying feeling when popping the poppers between two clasped fingers and firing away through each opening when undressing.

Occasionally, flat-style hole buttons are needed. As was the case with the Four Button Safari Organic. This genuinely unique Four Button style uses four large Italian tortoiseshell buttons that draw people’s attention without them knowing it. 

Then there are times when it’s perfectly suitable for the sake of the design to have no closings at all. Such is the case with the Croix Indigo jacket. It’s a luxury flannel-lined denim housecoat featuring a kimono-style opening. Super cozy, easy to manage, and upgrades whatever you threw on to get out of the house that morning.