No Rest for the Weekend

No rest for the wicked. Sometimes when you take a step back and look at the last couple days you realize how much you accomplished. Flashes of shaking hands with new acquaintances, running from this event to the other, and vague memories of a sale made here and there pop through your mind. You were ON, didn't stop and its all a little bit of a blur. But, that is just the life of an entrepreneur. The SIG team had a weekend recently that resembled just this when their pop up shop coincided with a fashion runway show and ended with a trip to San Francisco. All this happened in a span of a few days. When owner Jarret Beaudis woke up for his Saturday morning ritual of coffee and breakfast he knew these would be his last precious moments to himself. The calm before the storm, if you will. Taking a sip of his much-needed coffee, he knew he was in for a long weekend working a large 2 day event by himself. Powered by a mix of caffeine and determination, he drove to Pasadena to work the Kick off the Holiday Pop-up Shop with over 300 other vendors. After breaking down the booth at 5pm and load up he rushed to downtown Los Angeles for Red LA an fashion runway show in which SIG designed custom pieces. Team SIG was honored to have a home town performer on the run way with them. Along with Bryce Oliver and his 1 of 1 SIG x No Regrets collaboration jacket painted by Nicholas Mayfield, they brought the house down. Arriving back at home at the early hour of 4 am Sunday morning, Jarret went back out for round two in Pasadena 3 hours later. 24 hours later the team jetted off to San Francisco to attend a textile and fabric show. But it was all worth it. The pop-up shop garnered recordbreaking sales and SIG's collab at Red LA was one for the books. Does one weekend have the power to create so much change? When you're hustling hard then anything can happen. Big Should out to Rico, Kris, Zeke, Justin, Harrel and Dante modeling the run way show. Take a look at the BTS video with SIG and Red LA.


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