North Menswear Now Carries Apparel by Signature Innovation Group

One of the guiding principles of Signature Innovation is that Signature is an organization guided by principles. One of the guiding light beacons says, “do not take shortcuts to partnerships, and opt to partner with people and organizations with aligning principles over those willing to gaslight short term interest.” Being principled in this manner has a cost, and that cost is you don’t make as many partnerships as you may want. But when you do, it’s well worth it.

We know a good thing when we see it. That’s why we are very excited to announce that our commitment to building products with quality and authentic inspiration has led to our newest partnership with North Menswear. The classically curated and relaxed shopping experience for quality men’s goods and clothing in Laguna Beach. North Menswear is the culmination of the hard work, experience, and perseverance of owner Martin Majano.


With two locations within the coastal stretch known as Silicon Beach, the original site is on Glenneyre Street in Laguna Beach. Glenneyre is a unique cliffside community filled with art, dining, culture, and shopping. All tucked quietly in the hills of Laguna Beach.


North’s newest expansion sits on El Camino Real in San Clemente, CA. In opening the San Clemente shop, Majano spent several months planning, preparing, building for the store launch scheduled for Fall of 2020. Despite having much time and effort diverted into providing safe shopping options in the unprecedented public health crisis, Majano persisted, and the San Clemente shop is a fitting crown jewel. From the curation of products to the store’s design to the experience, everything about the shop is an inspiring representation of the life of Majano has built-in his work and commitment to refined products. 


Martin Majano spent roughly a decade in the fashion industry working with a variety of high-end luxury brands before becoming General Manager of John Varvatos Enterprises. It was there where Majano built up the ability and confidence to leave his mark. 

In addition to now owning and operating North, Majano operates Martin Anthony USA, a fashion media operation dedicated to educating audiences on American Made brands and what American made production looks like in practice. 

Much of the showcasing of American production happens through the American Ride Youtube channel. Majano produces and hosts the show, taking you through an entire journey while riding his ‘48 Harley along the Pacific Coastline, visiting California builders.

 Additionally, he lends his expertise in the capacity of Style Editor for Nobleman Magazine.

Signature’s Path to a Partnership

Of the well-curated makers and brands found in North Menswear, Signature is now among them. Whether you’re looking for the newest Signature take on denim or the versatility of the Signature Henry J shirt Jacket, North Menswear can take care of you with that and beyond.



We are proud to be partnered with North Menswear and couldn’t be happier with the relationship. Visit the California coast, pop-in, and see them. And be sure to check out the American Ride Youtube channel.