Nude Magazine


Signature Pop-up shops have been very interesting, you just never know who you're going to meet or what kind of personality you may encounter for the day.

So on this particular day in April we had a pop up shop in Thousands Oaks, California at The Oaks Mall, right next to Calabasas, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the area.  The day seemed long and the mall did not have a lot of foot traffic for some reason.  We did not have many visitors that day but I still remained positive for the ones we did get greeting them with a smile and informing them about Signature Innovation Group.  One of our customers that day we as Raylene Pereya shopping for her dad he had birthday coming up if I remember correctly.  So we talked and I gave her insight on Signature.  How the brand is American made and locally manufactured in Los Angeles.  So as we conversed a little more she began to tell me about her magazine she has and if I would be interested in running an ad.  So I asked for the Instagram and up popped Nude Magazine which we have been following for some time now.  What originally caught my eye about this magazine in particular is the simplistic design, which all of Signatures designs are pretty similar, focusing on quality of fabrics with minimal prints and graphics.  Less is more.  

So here we are today being featured in Nude Magazine looking saucy with the Fat Jew on the cover.  Thank you Nude magazine for letting us be apart of your journey.