Santa Cruz Is in Love with Signature

Santa Cruz Is in Love with Signature’s Men’s Flannels


 California has a high standard for its  flannel shirts. They need to be made with high-quality materials and offer a dose of extra style. You only need to look at the relationship between Signature Innovation Group and the socially conscious lifestyle boutique, Redemption, to see how true that is. Redemption finds much success leveraging its ability to curate products that hit home-runs with the Redemption faithful with reliable success. Ever since the two struck up a partnership, Signature flannels have sold out regularly in Santa Cruz, CA, Los Gatos, CA, up and down the west coast’s beach communities. Signature and Redemption are united in their actionable appreciation for the talented California workforce. This shared ideal is served when the two work together to serve clients who demand flannels made in the USA.


What to Know About Redemption Clothing Store


Redemption ups the ante of products used in our daily lives, scaling-up its variety of products by holding onto the principle all their products must be made in California, by people doing what they love. Stocked with a unique assortment of clothing and home goods, this sophisticated and modern boutique is reliable when it comes to can’t miss items that improve daily activities. The brand has grown over the years and now has three locations where those along the California coast and beyond can access slow fashion, art, and gorgeous items that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you need jewelry, soap, or accent artwork, Redemption has it available for you.


Among the similarities between Signature Innovation Group and Redemption is the shared goal of offering clothing that people will feel good about when wearing because they were made in and inspired by California. Our flannel shirt jackets for men are just one product that shows the care and artistry in every product we offer our customers. Both parties share a desire to have socially and ethically conscious business models.


Meeting of Minds


The founder and lead product designer of Signature Innovation Group, Jarret Beaudis, met the founders of Redemption, Tammy and Dave MacGregor, and their dog Boomer six years ago in a San Francisco pop-up shop where Signature was participating. Tammy and Dave mentioned they had a store in Campbell, CA, dedicated to providing California made quality clothing. The conversation grew, and a partnership formed. Signature Innovation Group has been helping stock the shelves at Redemption ever since.


During the 2020 Holiday Season, Signature fulfilled multiple large Redemption orders, providing the quality flannels needed to satisfy Redemption customers’ tastes. Whether it’s the brushed cotton used to make the flannels or the unique accents like elegant snaps and side gussets, these jackets are perfect for the coastal community. Redemption orders are so reliable; it allows them to request special editions and make requests on behalf of their customers. Signature loves Redemption, and on occasion, moves Heaven and Earth to make the Pacific Coast clients happy with an item that was previously out of stock or fulfilling other special requests.


Signature is proud to work with the people at Redemption and thinks that you’ll love what they have to offer too. So check out their Instagram and buy some great products to indulge yourself!