Ditch the leg-prisons this spring; Signature’s giving you go-to shorts

Why did Signature make these great-looking shorts?

It would be a crime not to, and prison is overrated. 

The opportunity to make a great-looking, well-constructed pair of shorts was there, and we grabbed it.

Men want to believe that they’re doing the right thing by not overthinking shorts. Wrong. That’s been undeserving many. Where’s that gotten you? In cargo shorts jail with your significant other, that’s where.

It’s anxiety-inducing trying to figure out whether you want to go above the knee, below the knee, relaxed, baggy, or sporty? Even more challenging is trying to understand the subtle nuances that add-up to a favorite pair of trunks. 

Some of what does and doesn’t work is counterintuitive, and we had to see every mistake for ourselves. Our hardworking and talented pattern makers allowed us to experiment with every combination we could throw at them. Sometimes you take a stitch out of the pocket just to see if it’s easier to pull your phone out, and sometimes it’s adding a stitch somewhere for reinforcement.

What we thought about in the design

The first decision was to go with a sporty, Rivera-inspired 5-1/2inch seam. The style is iconic, blending indifference with sophistication, and is a favorite among people having the most fun. It’s a versatile look that lends credibility. We took that a step further by blending a relaxed leg width to help you feel comfortable and feel like yourself.

These shorts use a 5-ounce canvas that gets brushed before the dying process, giving it a deeper color and adding a crisp look. We chose olive green and a muted blue to provide you with two colors to offer enough wardrobe combos for the spring.

A lot of time went into getting the waistband correct. We made a gazillion samples, and we ended up with the right feel, the right tension, the right height, and the right-looking drawstring. It’s just a drawstring, but it’s an appropriately understated black drawstring with metal tips. In other words, it’s just right.

We’re giving you two side pockets that drop at the right length and give your hands the perfect clearance, along with a scout-flap pocket in the back. These are pre-shrunk and feature an extended crotch for relaxed comfort.

Why now?

Signature decided to spoil you in 2021 by bringing something new to the market. Being based in L.A., shorts made sense. We wanted something relaxed and sporty. As always, it’s about taking a scalpel and making subtle design changes that make the difference. It was time for shorts that co

Available March 30, 2021.