Spring Tour

Signature clothing  Spring Tour


2018 has been full-speed ahead for the SIG crew. As Jarret Beaudis hopped off the plane in newest SIG pop-up shop destination, it had come to his realization that a few short months led him to: Las Vegas, San Francisco, downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, Hollywood, and now Denver. 


Destination: Denver 


Recent years, has brought newfound attention to Denver. Beautiful weather, a vibrant city scene and of course…you know that little thing called legalization of Mary Jane. In fact, around 100,000 people have moved there in last 7 years. That has led to the city’s newfound trendy reputation and growth in the apparel market. 


Signature clothing  posted up at the Jackalope show on the third floor of the venue, conveniently located by the bar. While the need for a drink led many up those stairs, the weather was abysmal. So, the show was slower. But, the experience of breaking into a new market was worth it the cloudy weather and walking up those three flights of stairs again and again. 


While Denver proved worthwhile for the experience, what it really led to was an epiphany of sorts. As much as Jarret he loved traveling and meeting new people, he realized the next step is opening a retail location. 


Coming to a Retail Location Near You? 

Doing pop-up shows over the last couple years has given SIG the opportunity to connect with people and show them what the brand is all about. While e-commerce is vital, you don’t get the same experience online as in-person. That human connection is what makes the brand stand apart. Jarret said recently that SIG has a lot of repeat customers at the shows. He furthered, 


“People are coming back just for it. They remember my name, but forget the brand’s. It feels so good and sparked the idea of the retail location. I can build a location where they can always find me”


The Grove, The Americana at Brand, and downtown Pasadena have been some of the locations being thrown around. All have a good community of people living within a couple blocks and have a ton of foot traffic. The vision of the store would be- 


“Come in, sit down, grab a drink, and show new product. We’ll make it cool. Not make them feel girly. We want to shop and look good too,” he said with a laugh. “We’ll create experience by talking to them, show them the quality.” 


Through this retail location, customers can touch the fabrics and experience the fit firsthand. They can learn how hand-sewn feels, how made in California feels. Most of all, Jarret hopes to build a community. While most of SIG’s customers are men around the ages of 25-35 years old, there are men as old as 70 getting button-ups and corduroy from SIG. Jarret says, 


“Everyone wants to look nice. If you look nice you feel good about yourself, you feel unstoppable. Men are starting to take care of themselves and take pride in their appearance.” 


SIG will be the place where they can do so, and also just hang out and chill. 



We’re looking forward to the future at Signature Innovation Group. In the meantime, you can still catch SIG at these upcoming shows: 

June 3rd -Urban Air Market- Los Feliz, California 

June 23rd & 24th- Treasure Fest San Fransisco, California 

July 14 & 15 - Renegade Craft show  San Fransisco, California 


Come say hi and kick it!