Stylish Iteration of the Shirt Jacket


     Sure, a lot of clothing is just made for the sake of it but that doesn’t always have to be the case. The Henry J is a jacket inspired by an innovative American by the name of Henry J. Kaiser. The man is well-known for introducing Kaiser Steel to the world in a bid to offer lots of metal to our Pacific Fleet during World War II. While our jacket might not be out in the trenches, it is soft and comfortable and carries a lot of inspiration from the man of the same name.


Kaiser and His Legacy


One of the things that set Kaiser apart is the fact that he went above and beyond to create positive solutions to negative situations. Aside from creating Kaiser Steel, he also was the man behind Kaiser Permanente Hospital, which was originally located on the grounds of Kaiser Steel Mill. At the time, health care coverage was unreasonably expensive. Rather than making his workforce go without it, he started his own version to make sure everyone under his watch was cared for.


Signature Innovation Group founder and lead designer, Jarret Beaudis, grew up among steelworkers, including those who were spending their days at Kaiser Steel. His childhood was spent as the only light-haired kid in a neighborhood filled with Latin influence in Fontana, California. His grandfather moved there to work in the mills in the 1960s and his father followed suit until the doors closed in the 70s.


Beaudis isn’t the only member of the company who has warm memories about life in Fontana. Chris Miller, managing partner, and brand manager, also lived in the area and had family who made a living working with the steel that built a huge part of the United States. Suffice it to say, blue-collar living and an appreciation for steelworking are in the blood of the staff.


Paying Homage to History

mens shirt jacket

The Henry J is a shirt jacket that harkens back to steel working in the U.S. It’s similar to jackets you would see across the floors of Kaiser Steel Mill many years ago. This jacket is cut to wear similar to a shirt and offers a nod to blue-collar strength and hidden power. One of the top details of this jacket is the two-way double zipper. It lets you adjust the top and bottom openings apart from each other so you can have a more casual or formal approach every time you wear it.


This jacket has all the details considered. It comes with black gunmetal buttons on the cuffs to draw in the eyes and features dual large flap pockets that lay flat against the chest. A hidden button fastener inside ensures the jacket stays perfectly situated without looking like you’re trying to prove anything. The gorgeous solid colors and the moleskin thickness offer extra richness and depth whenever you put the jacket on.


Whether you find the men’s jacket in green most appealing, appreciate the men’s jacket in blue, or want to go with something brighter like the men’s jacket in burgundy, you’ll have the chance to showcase who you are and the past you come from with the Henry J. Don’t be surprised when all your friends want to know where you got it.





Stand Out in Just the Right Way


At Signature Innovation Group, we offer stylish outerwear that carries a message. Our men’s shirt jacket, the Henry J, comes in three classic colors: green, blue, and special edition burgundy. It features a Kona cotton liner for added warmth, softness, and contrast and a premium Moleskin outer that can handle abuse. Created by one of the top American made clothing brands, this men’s shirt jacket in blue is created in Los Angeles and comes with a lifetime repair guarantee.