The Flannel Count Down

Why do we wear flannel shirts in the Fall?

What is it accomplishing?

What is it saying?

More importantly, what factors do you need to consider to wear flannel correctly?

What is it “to wear flannel correctly?” It means to embrace the cliche so you don’t become a cliche, and throw some originality behind the finished product.

When you think about the men's flannel shirt and how it's typically worn in the United States, as rugged as the men's flannel outfit can be, it's kind of become the kid at the junior high dance who wants to make the wall look cool. Men's flannel shirt used to stand for something. The dads who lined up along the fence at Pop Warner football practice used to all have three noticeable traits. An unwavering stance powered by their devotion despite the overtime hours, a stare with more focus than they show anywhere else in their life, and a men's flannel jacket that probably wreaked of Marlboros and oil. You knew it stunk because Dad would put in on you walking from the field to the car. So when you grew up, the flannel jacket became a rite of passage. Of course, times have changed. Dad's are now wearing a paper-thin piece of Under Armour that keeps their temperature comfortably regulated, and the flannel has new usages. 


Man's Best Men's Flannel Shirt

While we get in that mindset of unnecessarily putting on stretchy pants and Uggs, let's slip into our most suburban mom headspace, sip that corporate caffeine and let's talk about The Flannel Countdown.

We almost always use our standard Jerry Shirt Cut with men's flannel shirts. The Jerry Cut is a perfect place to start because it lets you wear the shirt untucked at length that isn't pretentiously overfitted. This cut is silhouette conscious, giving you an excellent top-heavy base to start with as you taper your way down the rest of what you're wearing. Constructed in the Fashion District of Los Angeles, Signature Jerry Flannels have superior stitching. The stitching blends-in so they don't look like a pair of jeans with a cross bedazzled into the ass. However, because of the fabric's quality and the high-quality stitching, you will notice the craftsmanship if you make a point to look. 



 Since we mentioned fabric, let's talk about it. We use certified cotton that's been tested for pesticides and other harmful chemicals. The cotton goes through an additional brushing process that softens it and fortifies the cotton to trap more heat. Our flannels come in different weights, anywhere from 6oz to 10oz, depending on how the thickness can best serve the texture to compliment the pattern colors. The texture is crucial and tips the scale to help that flannel separate from the other plaided souls. 

 One reoccurring theme in the Signature color patterns is more vibrant tones offset with muted tones. Some of the muted tones use a somewhat rustic-brown tint to give them a classic American toughness. The pockets have reinforced stitching, so they don't lean forward, and include a pen pocket.

Customers top pick is back for another year

Opting out of the iron-cross-be-jeweled vibes and away from features that go with the flannel you dress your scarecrow with, we opt for subtle details.

Flannel Shirt Jacket

Subtle details get the right attention. Signature wants people to notice that its color shades offer slightly different takes on colors, which allow you to differentiate yourself. Our Adventure flannel has colors you'd see in a computer screen saver, mixed on top of an infinite black. A symbiotic relationship between the black and the electric colors somehow makes those colors more striking while cooling them down. 

For those confined to their homes in being mindful of Covid-19, and for those that work from home, the men's flannel jacket is your friend in 2020. A tip for upping your appearance for a video chat is to throw on some layer over whatever you've already got on: a jacket, a flannel shirt, a sweater, something to layer over something plain. 


Our Cheif Designer, Jarret, loves to talk about that feeling of being cleaned up at home with no place to go, wearing your best pair of sweats, a warm pair of socks, and a flannel over the t-shirt, when discussing flannels with design. If you're going to be at home and need to feel good about yourself, drape on that magical flannel. Spoil yourself and make sure that flannel is looking crisp—indulge in some luxury flannel. It looks like America will have some form of football to watch on television this Fall. While we may not be able to have that feeling of keeping warm with a flannel while watching football from the stands, we can instead have that at-home indulgence while we wear our comfortable and crispy flannels at home. It may be a different feeling, but is every bit as equitable as the former, and still an immense blessing.


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