When the Morning Looks Easy

New for Spring 21

Nothing like putting on an oversized overcoat while holding a warm cup of caffeine in the morning. Our newest design, the Signature morning spring jacket, is made to get you out of bed, and it’s one design that took exceptional care and development in the concept department. The final product is a fashionable, truly Signature design that stands out for its clean style and unique nods to classic fashion. 

Designer, Jarret Beaudis inspired by the classic California bikers’ look, worked to change the way people think of sports jackets. A picture from the 70s of his father standing with his closest pals, which were a part of the premier riding chapter for the local area, got the wheels turning. 

Denim Goes Modern

The concept is a relaxed-fitting denim jacket for morning adventures and mishaps, featuring a soft brushed cotton flannel because of the great contrast it provides, and because of course, flannel. Inside you’ll find a couple of hidden pockets, and the outer has two large lower-front pockets. So enough pockets to hold everything if you threw on some shorts without pockets. One thing you’ll notice is the front of the jacket has no closings. The reason is somewhat holistic, but it comes down to this is what looked best among all of the samples, simple as that. The functional concept provides a great morning jacket for the city that looks great even for a quick trip to the store while still providing the ideal weight to stay warm in the early mornings. 

“I first thought this jacket was going to be made of canvas, but looking at the design, it just didn’t say “Signature.” Signature products are staple pieces that stand out in the crowd for their subtle details, and I knew I had much more work to do before creating the final product,” Jarret Beaudis.

Signature Subtleties

Comfort and effortless style, packaged into a clean finish, nods to America’s multicultural mix and balanced with hidden snap cuffs. Production and Lead Pattern Design, Temo Gonzales nailed this design on the first try. The original buttons were going to be “Grandma-style” and wrapped in fabric. Temo made an executive decision and ditched grandma’s buttons to match the open Kimono approach with the front and instead use hidden snaps to fasten the cuffs, giving them a clean finish. 

House Coat

The morning jacket is a damn good house jacket that you throw on ironically when you’re leaving the house. It’s one of those jackets that looks boss enough you get away with looking so comfortable.