The Style of San Francisco in a Corduroy Jacket for Road Trips and More

The Long Hard Road to Success


While you wouldn’t know it now, Signature Innovation Group has been through a variety of challenges to reach the success possible today. Once upon a time, you could find Beaudis selling screen printed t-shirts out of the back of a vehicle on street corners. Nowadays, the products from Signature can be seen worn by Grammy award winners, presidents of major corporations, and other people of massive power and influence.


What made that possible? One of those things is this exact corduroy jacket. It originally came in this same earthy rust color and was an immediate hit. People couldn’t get enough of the style and fabric, even before it was redesigned with elegant touches and unique fabrics to make it stand out from the pack. Every time the team from Signature heads down to San Francisco, they sell out of this jacket in minutes.


What Makes the Corduroy Jacket So Special


You might be thinking that you’ve seen a million corduroy jackets in your life, so you can’t imagine what would make this one so special. Some of the things that make this version stand out include:

A spacious 6 x 5-inch patch pocket inside

  • An elegant 8.1-ounce  cotton corduroy shell
  • Custom dyed snaps
  • 8oz Flannel Liner
  • A lined inside hidden jetted pocket measuring 6 x 4.75 inches
  • Pop rivets
  • Flat outer welt pockets


This style piece is true Americana and it offers a casual fit that looks good in any situation. The oversized look gives off an air of nonchalance but ordering down a size will provide a fashion lover with a more form-fitting option. It’s entirely up to you whether you prefer a more formal look or something that looks like you tossed it on and still look fantastic.


The vibrant colors used for this jacket are a huge part of why it stands out. The custom snaps also add a little something extra without making you look like you’re trying too hard. The jacket also has a total of four pockets, including the ones inside and out, so you can easily carry around all your devices and tools on a road trip or just a drive to the corner store. Ideal for creative professionals, this jacket is truly one of a kind.


Stand Out and Show Off With a New Corduroy Jacket


At Signature Innovation Group, we work to provide high-quality men’s wear that is usable by people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Our corduroy jacket in rust is just one example of what we’ve been able to achieve through grit and inspiration. This jacket comes in two varieties and can be ordered with or without a liner, so it can be used in any kind of climate in the United States. If you want to show off who you are and what styles get you moving, this outstanding corduroy jacket could be the perfect new addition to your wardrobe.