• 02 May 2020

    Style Profiles:

    Jarret Beaudis

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    Jarret Beaudis founer and  lead designer
  • Name: Jarret Beaudis 

    Age: 32

    Profession: Founder and Lead Designer @ Signature CO. 

    Coat: The Danny boy in Distressed Black 

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    Jarret beaudis in designer mens jacket
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    I hail from…

    Fontana, California 

    I’m currently working on…

    Building a wall...One brick at a time.

    My favorite meal is…

    Cuban Black Beans and Rice with Mojo and Sweet Bananas 

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  • My Dream

    Retiring at 40 years old and moving to the Bahamas.

    Beach front property with a garage full of American Classic from the 60’s and 70’s

    Currently Ready .

    Contagious by Jonan Burger

    Great book got a tip from the hip hop great Nipsey Hussle #MarathonContinues

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  • Best Tip

    My best tip is for everyone to read or listen to the audio book of “ Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

    The last piece of advice given to me was…

    Make time for yourself.

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    My Take on Fashion

    Self representation on how you’re feeling inside...Feel good, Look Good

    Appreciating the Journey

    I have come a long way from screen printing shirts in my parents garage to selling jackets to Presidents of fortune 500 companies

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