Don't Imitate ...Innovate.

Customer Favorites

Corduroy Jacket in Rust

$ 225.00

The James in Black Ice

$ 170.00

Shacket in Blue

$ 275.00

The James in Cobalt Denim

$ 150.00

High Quality - Sophistication - Confidence

About Signature Innovation Group

Signature Innovation Group is a designer menswear brand managed by two longtime neighborhood friends, Jarret Beaudis and Chris Miller. Both descendants of steelworkers once employed by the historic Kaiser Steel (mill) in Fontana, CA. The mill shaped multiple generations encouraging those raised in its environment of historical edginess to carry a reverence for American production capabilities and a tone of indifference. With this background, Signature has been committed to domestically producing a line of hard-hitters since its 2012 inception.


Don’t imitate Innovate

The Clients We Serve

Consumers renegotiate their needs with the fashion industry as men have become more engaged in developing a personal style. Our menswear checks several boxes for the modern consumer in the era of information. Signature attracts those of you having historically pieced-together wardrobes based on appreciation and differentiation, rather than identity signaling. We bring together the most appealing elements of Americana with clever details for those standing out in competitive environments.