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Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders $150+

The Life You Chose.

Premium Urban Essentials Reimagined

Signature Innovation Group is a non-corporate men’s clothing brand based in Fontana, CA, manufacturing all of its garments in Los Angeles. The organization, which focuses on redesign by fusing media and genres, is co-owned and run by two longtime neighborhood friends who grew up together, Jarret Beaudis and Chris Miller.

Signature Innovation Group recognizes that the world is undergoing a conscious redesign. Everything is being re-evaluated, from clothing to cars to processes, including fashion. Signature is here to have a say in the world of fashion redesign.

Our garments are double-stiched to perfection by expert garment workers in the Fashion District of Los Angeles, CA. In an era of fast fashion athleisure fabrics, Signature opts to use hearty textures and soft natural cottons. We source the most premium fabrics we can find around the globe, most often working the American and Japanese mills.

Meet Jarret

Principal owner, Beaudis, founded Signature Innovation Group in 2012. He spent the first six years developing an industry network, learning, and saving the money to launch Signature. It was in 2017 that Beaudis launched a new line of products.

Beaudis’ journey as a fashion entrepreneur began when he was seventeen when he launched his first brand. It was a streetwear brand he sold to local skate shops, barbershops, and tattoo parlors. Signature later started out of the trunk of his car where oftentimes he found himself being chased out of mall parking lots by security. Beaudis is a self-taught designer whose style is to take nostalgic silhouettes and update them into workwear for the modern workplace.

Meet Chris

Serving as Editor of the brand is Brand Director, Chris Miller who joined the company in 2018, later becoming a co-owner. Miller initially joined Signature to learn fashion marketing while going to graduate school before eventually withdrawing from that pursuit due to a long series of health problems and time conflicts with Signature. Chris’ background in business administration and creativity guided him to grow the scale and script the brand narrative.

We develop urban workwear for passionate people who live the life they chose.

The heartbeat of the company is SIG-ONE, the company's 2006 Ford Econoline Van. The duo have traveled around the country in this van, conducting pop-up shops, sometimes uninvited or unannounced.