• 28 Jul 2021

    Style Profiles:

    John Stingle

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    Jarret Beaudis founer and  lead designer
  • Name: John Stingle 


    Where do you hail from: Salem, Oregon


    Instagram Handle: @Newenglandmenswear


    Items styled:  Rust Corduroy Jacket & The James in Cobalt Denim


    Feedback​ ​to​ ​our​ ​Visitors​: I’m a really huge fan of both styles I got. I’ll admit, the pocket style on the James wasn’t really my cup of tea at first - but after seeing how it looked when worn and in photos, I’ve completely come around.


    The silhouettes on both the James shirt and the Cord Jacket are really clean - they don’t fit overly baggy but they have a nice fitted appearance that doesn’t restrict mobility at all. The cord jacket has been a go-to for me lately over a hoodie or sweatshirt as something to just throw on, handle my business, and look pretty dang good doing it.


    I really like that the James layers so well - the denim is a great color and it can fit right into most styles I use in my wardrobe.

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    My Take on Fashion:

    Style is insanely subjective. What looks great to some people just isn’t going to be for everyone else. The key is to always identify what personal style is best for you as an individual and roll with it. I like that the pieces I got from SIG can blend into a more heritage style that I often wear, but can also look right at home in a more streetwear look as well. You don’t have to shoehorn yourself into only dressing one way- you just need to dress however makes you feel good.

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