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John Stingle

Name: John Stingle 

 Where do you hail from: Salem, Oregon

 Instagram Handle: @Newenglandmenswear

 Items styled:  Rust Corduroy Jacket & The James in Cobalt Denim

 Feedback​ ​to​ ​our​ ​Visitors​:I’ll admit, the pocket style on the James wasn’t really my cup of tea at first - but after seeing how it looked when worn and in photos, I’ve completely come around.The silhouettes on both the James shirt and the Cord Jacket are really clean - they don’t fit overly baggy but they have a nice fitted appearance that doesn’t restrict mobility at all. The cord jacket has been a go-to for me lately over a hoodie or sweatshirt as something to just throw on, handle my business, and look pretty dang good doing it. I really like that the James layers so well - the denim is a great color and it can fit right into most styles I use in my wardrobe.