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Best Flannel by Far

This is the second flannel I have purchased. The first one was a year ago and it is still good as new. Whether you are wearing them to look great or wearing for more functional purposes like staying warn, these will meet all your needs. The snap buttons are far better than any sowed on button. Most of my flannels in the past have been sowed on buttons and I can’t tell you how many have fallen off after the first couple of washings. Not with SIG clothing. Thoughtfully designed and expertly manufactured. I highly recommend buying anything you like from SIG as I know you will love yours as much as I love mine!

Jay Potter

Best shirts out there

Nothing better than finding a high quality shirt that you know you will keep for yourself. I have previously bought your shirts as gifts for friends and family but wound up keeping them for myself as they are hard to give up

Almost didn't buy it, so glad I did

I told myself not to buy this, I already have way too many jackets (including another one from Signature). So glad I didn't listen. I've liked it more and more every day since I got it. This jacket is the one I'm always reaching for now. The cut is practically tailor-made for me. This is my best clothing purchase in years!

Great shacket, minor qualm

Bought the shacket at a craft fair. Liked that it was made in America, unlike many of the items from other vendors. Colors and design are on point, but my one complaint is the cuffs are quite tight to snap. Maybe I have big wrists for a 5’9” 170lb man, but there’s no way I could wear a watch while it’s snapped closed.

Nice look

Nice look

Beautiful shirt jackets, perfect for SF weather

Flannel Shirt Jacket Adventure
Katheryn Henspetter
Perfect gift for your man for the Holidays!

Get it! The quality is unmatched. The style is lovable and the snaps - perfect.

My new favorite flannel

It's stylish, fits well and feels solid. I love the snaps instead of buttons

Love it! But…

Love the Tahoe! But I can’t seem to get ahold of the FSJ Hazelnut and would love too! Any help?

Amazing Jacket

Thought about buying a jacket from Signature for a long time before finally pulling the trigger and I am ecstatic that I did. The fit, material, style and craftsmanship is top tier. I will be purchasing more of their items in the future without a doubt!

super awesome. thank you.


Baja Shirt Jacket Sage
Gary Bianco

quality is amazing, unlike any other shirt ive put on. Love the overall design too

Nice Coat

First time I wore it public. A friend came up said “nice coat.” I have to agree it’s my go to now. Fits perfect and certainly ups my game as soon as I put it on.

Stellar shirt!

Lots of compliments rocking this shirt. I’m somewhere between and L and XL normally and the XL fits perfectly.

I am happy with my purchase and hope to add summer shirts. Thanks

Excellent quality.

Ranger Shirt on Point!

Just all the Sig products !
Excellent fit and finish!

Love the coat but a button came loose on day one

I don’t really know how to give it higher than four stars. I took it to a conference and had to safety pin the button in place to keep it from ripping off. I think it’s a great coat though.

Ranger shirt jacket emerald

Love it!!!!
This is the third piece of clothing that I’ve purchased from you love them!!!
Well made and I always get compliments…

Perfect Short

Love these shorts. High quality materials, well constructed and nicely designed. Goes great with anything. Very happy with them.

Flannel Shirt Jacket Adventure

Great look

It takes a lot to make me look good but this does. Well constructed and great style.

Lovin' it

I've never received so many random compliments whenever I wear it. It a great fit, great colors and really "modern farm country chic"

Flannel Shirt/Jacket

Love the quality and fit of this shirt, will make sure to check out future releases.

it’s dope

Hey man, just took a trip recently wearing the jacket, people in the street were stopping me telling me how good it looked. gave the website as a recommendation

Baja Shirt Jacket Sienna
Deborah Ingram

I was walking to the pizza rest, when i notice a man wearing a shirt like no other! Clean lines and perfectly manufactured band great color selections! High Five to the designer and manufactures