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Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders $150+

New Elevating Partnership Agreements with Distinguished Talent

We’re Growing our Outfit

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Signature Innovation Group has upped the ante and entered into an agreement with two Official Distinguished SIG Partners, which we will introduce later in a special announcement. The welcomed addition of these industry heavyweights will infuse Signature’s ability with their decades of experience in high-end designer fashion production and design. Our goal is to bring Original designs that convey your seriousness on every level, and we do this by bringing you original, detailed, well-made, American cut and sew garments.

When you buy Signature Innovation clothing, you will know the concept clothing you have come to love is cut and stitched in Los Angeles by classically trained third-generation tailors. Therefore, it will be obvious to see this exceptionally talented production group increase the value of your garments. The added value allows the fellow Americans stitching and building Signature Innovation garments to live the kind of inspired life they chose when they arrived in Los Angeles many decades ago.

The focus of our design inspiration is to break the remaining barriers in men’s fashion by elevating the look and quality of what ambitious originals prefer to wear so that the style supersedes outdated social constructs. We learn to do this by observing those committed to domestic fair wage production.
Signature will continue to focus on elevating everyday-use fashion to a level of quality that keeps it in your rotation and out of landfills. We promise that you will visibly see the added value in quality, style, and confidence. This is the magic in the differentiation of the American sewn garments you continue to support, of which we are grateful. Additionally, we must thank you for the constant inspiration. The spirit and energy of people either living or chasing the life they choose has much influence on the clothing.

Signature Originals refers to those who put themselves out there to be tested and sharpened by the world in order to chase down an ambitious life. Our concept clothing company which you have helped to inspire, influence, and support, will always be about learning and cycling through the processes of revolution and evolution in order to find a way.