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Our Flannels Are Cut from a Different Cloth: American Made Men's Luxury Flannel Shirt Jackets

If you’re not paying attention, all flannels look the same, and wearing the suitable flannel shouldn’t be tricky, but if you want to be taken seriously and want to be an Original, it is. It’s right in the name, ‘Innovation.’ Signature Innovation Group, a concept design company where we refuse to blindly cut out flannel squares and slap some buttons and label on it and call it a day. Or even worse, finding an overseas pre-made goods supplier and then tacking on our label.

Signature men’s flannel shirt jackets Continue to evolve, and in this season’s offerings, we want you to notice the quality. Every plaid square carefully lined up.

In the fall, it's time to break out your flannel shirts. If you're looking for a quality-made shirt that is cut from a different cloth and won't be readily available at just any store, then look no further than Signature Innovation Group's flannels. These are original designs that have been cut and sewn in our fashion district of Los Angeles, California. We know how hard it can be to find flannels that the same wholesaler doesn't produce, so we want to ensure we provide some variety for fellow originals who want to show grace and indifference simultaneously.

Streetwear is the new workwear. As a result, the need to feel confident is heightened. The thing that makes us feel confident is being unique. American-made is difficult to find. Don't miss out on these original designs cut and sewn by traditional bespoke suit makers.

Originality is now a staple in the fashion industry. It's what makes us feel unique. Flannels are a staple in the fall, but not all flannel shirts are created equal. If you're looking for something that isn't the same boring overshirt as everyone else has, look no further than Signature's American-Made Men's Luxury Flannel Shirt Jackets.

If you are looking for something more, try a Signature luxury flannel shirt jacket.

Flannels provide warm comfort for those cool autumn nights! In addition, the flannel season can be associated with people coming together, whether it's for a football game or a holiday gathering. With the advent of technology, it's easy to get caught up in your devices and miss out on some good old bonding time. These flannel shirts are meant for people who want to stay connected with their loved ones by creating memories that can never be deleted from a hard drive!

Flannels provide warm comfort for those cool autumn nights! In addition

It can be not easy to find American made clothes, especially flannel shirts.

We want to provide some variety for fellow originals who look forward to the fall weather.

Our Signature Innovation Group is an original menswear design company specializing in men's luxury flannel shirt jackets.

Streetwear has now become a staple of the fashion industry, and people are looking for something more unique than others,

Signature Flannels offer an original design cut and sewn by our expert, classically trained sewers.

These flannels are meant for those who want to stay connected by creating memories that can never be deleted from their hard drive. Flannels provide comfort during the cozy time of fall and winter.