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Signature Clothing Absorbs Pandemic to Elevate Partners and Pay Up

The Designer menswear brand, Signature Innovation Group, which manufactures its garments in the United States, fulfilled the promise of pre-COVID-19 era projections when placing cut orders with its Los Angeles production partners for the Spring and Summer seasons. 

Signature proudly paid up and retained the pre-COVID order projections despite the genuine possibility the company faces a loss in 2020 due to the drastic steps needed to mitigate the risk associated with COVID-19.

Much of the organization's business model relies upon revenue generated from multiple large-city mobile pop-up shop tours throughout the year. In compliance with state, county, and CDC guidelines, Signature has forgone pop-up events to respect the general public's safety and welfare. The challenges of the current situation have allowed Signature the opportunity to grow other market channels. 

This American-made clothing brand has prioritized its production partners' health and financial welfare during these adverse conditions. In reaching an agreement with its production partner for the Holiday season, Signature clothing has committed to reducing its production partner's risk exposure by offering to pay more for each garment. The idea is to keep workers from chasing unnecessary quotas or feeling the pressure to work unnecessary hours.  

"We do not want the manufacturing talent put in a financial position where the temptation is there to chase volume bonuses. It was important for us to rework our production cost to make it worth it for workers to focus on their health. We don't control everything, but we want to be known for being reasonable and ethical, in addition to making quality items and killer designs," Signature Brand Director, Chris Miller, said.

Additionally, Miller had this to say about the factors guiding Signature through the pandemic "the preservation of our partners drove much of our decision-making process. We love our production partners, and their success is critical to helping Signature uphold much of what the brand is. Being a small organization, we have the flexibility to figure out how to do this." 

Signature Innovation Group is a designer menswear brand managed by two longtime neighborhood friends, Jarret Beaudis and Chris Miller. Both descendants of steelworkers once employed by the historic Kaiser Steel (mill) in Fontana, CA. Miller describes the clothing designs as "reimagined Americana through new experiences." Designer Jarret Beaudis is known for mixing underserved fabrics that are often modern and sustainable, and sneaking in unique subtleties.

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