Premium Urban Essentials | Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders $150+

Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders $150+

Signature Innovation Group offers free lifetime repairs on products

Lifetime Repair Guarantee

The best way to ensure sustainability is by opting for long-lasting items that withstand the test of time. We hope that one day you will be handing one of our jackets off to another generation.

Guarantee and Responsibility: Signature products are made to be staple items that live on and demonstrate quality. For these reasons, we will repair damages to the product for the product’s life, as long as 1) We still have access to the materials and fabrics needed for the repair. 2) The product isn’t damaged beyond a state that can reasonably be expected to be repaired. If you are not sure whether an item can be repaired, just reach out to us and discuss what options may be available. 

Shipping: Shipping will be covered by Signature when a product is defective in a way that is unintended by Signature Innovation Group. If the product becomes damaged through usage outside of manufacturer defects, we will still repair the product at no charge for the repair, but the cost of shipping will be forwarded to the customer. Signature Innovation Group will make the final determination as to what constitutes an unintended defect. Our goal is to be as reasonable as possible and ensure customers can enjoy Signature items.

Please select the Lifetime Repair link under the Customer Care tab for more information or to fill out a Repair form.

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